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Louise in Soliloquy

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

She is my inspiration. Louise is so far the strongest film character I have ever watched. It's hardly difficult not to love because it was Amy Adams who portrayed the role. As an artist, I was so afraid to create monochromatic art pieces in any medium, name it charcoal, watercolor, or oil. I cannot. Well, actually I did once, but it ended up being overlapped with another image using oil painting of different bold colors. But Amy Adams played it so well that everything in the cinematography was splendid. And it was this dichromatic scene of her sipping red wine in front of the placid lake mirroring a cold autumn day. I sat in front of my easel, tore the plastic cover of this canvas board of 50 x 60 centimeters, mixed colors of blues and blacks, and in one hour finished this painting. I was so motivated after finishing it. I simulated it on a wall and frame using the app Smartist. The app is so far my favourite one in that field. It is reliable and easy to navigate.

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