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Coming from a third-world country where Chaos is the norm, Switzerland appears too good to be true and is an overwhelming surprise.

Living in a foreign country swarming with polyglots heightens confusion  and lowers down self-confidence, but it is at that point when nature becomes the nearest shelter closely comparable to any foreigner's far-flung home.

Exploring Swiss landscapes and architecture became the artist's ground zero on finding his own trail in adapting with the culture and understanding the Swiss.

The collection comprises of washes, dry-on-wet techniques using acrylics and watercolors primed with graphite sketches showing the artist's honesty during the process and the subjects' origin and transition. The graphites are vital  in showing and connecting the artist behind the painting to the viewer looking beyond imperfection and understanding the truth that Life does not come with erasers. 

The Philippines-born and Basel-based artist and architect, Arlo Jake Lagmay, is fond of exploring abstract and naturalism.

He strongly believes that fusing the extremes shows a reality, and is under the opinion that the merge of dream and reality is Switzerland itself.

After the artist's successful debut at Eleven Ten Studio in Basel, he represents The Philippines and Switzerland in the upcoming XIV Florence Biennale in October 14-22, 2023.



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