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The Artist

Born in the Philippines and now based in Basel, Arlo Jake Lagmay brings a rich cultural and professional background to his vibrant and thought-provoking art. As both a visual artist and architect, he skillfully blends intricate details and thoughtful compositions, creating a dynamic interplay between symbolism and visual storytelling.

Arlo's work delves into deep and complex themes such as perception, judgment, and identity. Through recurring motifs like multiple-irised eyes, he explores concepts of awareness and scrutiny, inviting viewers to reflect on the impact of societal judgment and personal introspection. His paintings, including pieces like "Kontroladong Tadhana," "Sinulid at Karayom," and "Nosi Ba Lasi?" are characterized by their bold and vibrant colors, which enhance the surreal and symbolic nature of his art.

Drawing on his diverse cultural influences and professional experiences, Arlo creates a unique and compelling narrative in each piece. His art not only captivates with its visual appeal but also engages the audience on a deeper level, encouraging a more mindful and compassionate understanding of the human condition. Through his work, the artist aims to reveal the unseen complexities of our world, fostering a deeper connection and empathy among viewers.


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