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The Backbone of Feminism

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The essence of freedom is seen from a Black Slave’s lens.

The truest state of poverty must be best seen from an Indian one. The essence of gender equality should be most criticized from an LGBT one. The excellence of impartiality is exhibited best from a Swiss one. All of this needs a subject to see the object from.

But for Feminism, it does not need a Female to observe it best.

It needs everyone, and here is where we should stand.

I really don't want to be misunderstood and be projected as someone who doesn't want women supporting each other. The statement stands for itself.

There are also women out there considering themselves as feminists when all they have done is hating on men. Although obviously it hurts the point of feminism, they can be changed by inviting them and involving them in activities to raise more awareness about the advocacies of Feminism and how it doesn't really start on hate but yearn for equality.

I stand with equality. That is feminism. Although someone can argue, if Feminism is tantamount to Equality, why does the word seem to only support a certain gender.

If you're questioning this, I think it's about time to look in the mirror and start telling yourself that words were formulated out of nowhere, and that the meaning of word is what is important to be conveyed correctly,at all times. I myself, don't like the word. I prefer equality, but in these times, we all agree Equality is not yet achieved. So, I'm joining this feminist coalitions to achieve fairness and justice in all aspects regardless of genders so we can replace FEMINISM with EQUALITY ultimately.


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