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Finding my own Art Identity

Since I moved to Switzerland, I knew I had to grab the chance of learning the authentic styles that originated from Europe. Name it, from Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, everyday lives captured in Realism contrasting the flamboyant Neo-classicism and Rococo of the royals, down to the Cubism, Dadaism and Impressionism. I have familiarised myself with some of the techniques, like how Impressionism differs from Realism or Idealism because of its use of light and sketch-like outputs, or how Dadaism aims to reimagine art without any rules or by disregarding the norms.

All of these to try and peg my art down to a certain category or style aligned with the art history. So it’s easier to explain, easier on the eyes, and looks familiar to observers.

I couldn’t. The output is not me. The outputs are not unique to me. For the easy answer, it’s bitter to say that I don’t conform. I couldn’t. Really.

Although connoisseurs will still pin my art as contemporary, to which I agree, I still cling to have my own identity, as do all famous artists.

De Kooning, Koons, Hirst, Klein,and Itten. They have their own style. That’s how they got known.

Once again, I struggled to find a contemporary style I can be famous for. I never had any distinct object, focus or theme in my painting, or so I thought.

Then it dawned on me.

It was always there. The style has been with me ever since I can remember. They style I always have in paintings, sketches, gouache pieces and watercolours.


I have been looking left and right trying to figure what’s distinct about my art when all along it’s been biting me in the nose, probably since a while now.

All of my friends know this and saw me at one point drawing my own signature object:

“WOMEN”- hidden and surrounded by bold brushstrokes accentuating and affirming the beauty they uphold. Yet still “hidden” nowadays, still “invisible” one might say.

And this is the start of the era I decide to devote all my focus (art-wise) into this own contemporary style of mine and create all of the upcoming paintings be aligned to the ones I have accomplished below, so far.

I wanted to share this news to you as this is such a great discovery for me.

Expect in the coming posts to see more women in my paintings than ever!

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