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Women in my Arts

As far as I can go backtracking in the past figuring whether as time went by have I developed my own style, perhaps mastered something people can easily associate as an ARLO work. Finally, I found my distinct and prominent art object— WOMEN.

There was never a month or (even sure to say) a week that I didn't draw a woman's face. Well, okay except on holidays.

For some months,I have doubted myself if I really have a signature object on my arts. It has been staring me in the face and ready to bite my nose, but now I figured it out I have women in great percentage of my work. There was no close friend of mine who never saw me at least once drawing a woman's face or body, and realizing it just now is frustrating but at the same time humbling.

The painting attached herein is what I call the Filipina. Somehow, I see women always paired with vibrant colours and bold strokes (who doesn't, right!?). Not that they're as vibrant or as bold but they are the colorful varying flowers smeared across the globe we call Mother Nature. Filipina is a term used for a female Filipino, although looking at the painting it doesn't really show a true filipina look, but what she's wearing does. Needless to say, but I will anyway: your looks doesn't matter, but what you show, how you think and what you do tells you who you are.

Women are not weaker because they are physically weaker. Women are weaker because they have other strengths. It goes the same with men, gays, lesbians and other genders there are.

We (and by we I meant every one of us in the world) have our own strengths and weaknesses.

I have different types of women surrounding me; friends, family members and colleagues and I see them equally strong as everyone else, regardless of gender, disabilities, weaknesses and struggles.

I know I am a male feminist, and I am proud of it.I will push through, from now on, in focusing my art to revolve around women. I love uplifting women, and I know feminism doesn't mean having the need to uplift women because they're lower, as it seeks equality. But unfortunately, the society sees it as such, and I can help push that away until we see women unlabeled.

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