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The Art Basel Dream

I live in the same city where Art Basel was born, yet as a dream thing, it doesn't look so close as it does geographically.

Living in Basel—the arts capital of Switzerland is both a privilege and a pressure. The competition is exponential compared to any country in terms of contemporary fine arts, abstract expressionism, idealism, etc. Name what you have in mind, Art Basel is the largest collection of every piece of art existing in the world. Also adding up to the mountain of pressure are the Swiss' sophisticated art tastes, gigantic art curators, and The-Well-Knowledgeable in the arts industry (which are almost every citizen you bump with).

One has to be sitting at the top of the cherry placed on top of the whipped cream.

Try will I every day, with all my might, to eventually land a corner at the famed spring event.

The event showcases Koons, Weiwei, Arp, and many more from whom I pale so palely.

I believe that an entity as huge as Art Basel will be tilted on the head to look at someone else's piece without the latter asking for it, just the art shouting itself to be described as it is trapped in a frame or freed from one.

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