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(Thread and Needle)

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

50 x 60 cm


1250 CHF


In "Sinulid at Karayom" ("Thread and Needle"), the artist weaves a complex tapestry of human forms and emotions, creating a vibrant and chaotic interplay of color and movement. This painting is a striking exploration of the interconnectedness of human experiences and the threads that bind individuals together.

The canvas is alive with an array of figures, rendered in bold primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, each intertwined in a dynamic, almost frenetic dance. These colors, symbolic of different facets of human nature and emotion, create a stark contrast against the dark background, highlighting the intensity and vibrancy of the scene. The figures, with their exaggerated expressions and contorted poses, evoke a sense of struggle, passion, and unity.

The title "Sinulid at Karayom" suggests the delicate and precise nature of human connections, akin to the act of sewing, where each thread and stitch is crucial to the integrity of the whole. This metaphor extends to the composition of the painting, where each figure, despite its individuality, contributes to the overall narrative of collective existence.

The use of primary colors not only emphasizes the simplicity and purity of these connections but also the fundamental aspects of human experience that transcend cultural and personal differences. The white-haired figures, interspersed throughout, add an element of wisdom and continuity, bridging the past with the present.

Through "Sinulid at Karayom," the artist captures the essence of human entanglement and the beauty that arises from the complexities of these relationships. This painting is a celebration of diversity, unity, and the intricate patterns of life that, though seemingly chaotic, create a harmonious and cohesive whole.

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