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The Judgmental Food.jpg

Judgmental Food

Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 80 cm


2300 CHF


In "JUDGMENTAL FOODS," the artist presents a surreal and thought-provoking still life, where everyday items are transformed into symbols of scrutiny and observation. The painting features a selection of fruits and drinks, each embedded with numerous multicolored eyes, set against a vibrant and abstract background.

These foods and beverages, filled with watching eyes, metaphorically represent what judgmental people consume. The eyes within the foods suggest that judgmental individuals are constantly absorbing and projecting scrutiny, impacting even the most mundane aspects of life.

Through "JUDGMENTAL FOODS," the artist invites viewers to reflect on the omnipresence of societal scrutiny and its impact on daily life. This work challenges the audience to consider how deeply embedded judgment is in our culture and encourages a more mindful and compassionate perspective.

Price includes:

  • Art

  • Frame

  • Certificate of Authenticity

Price includes delivery to Switzerland and excludes delivery within and outside Europe.

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