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The Judgmental Chair (Painting Version) by Arlo Jake Lagmay

Judgmental Chair (Painting)

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

60 x 80 cm


2300 CHF


In "JUDGMENTAL CHAIR," the artist explores the themes of observation and societal scrutiny. The central figure, a vividly depicted chair adorned with numerous multicolored eyes, symbolizes the pervasive judgment and constant watchfulness of society. These eyes evoke a sense of vulnerability, suggesting that every action is subject to intense scrutiny.

The chaotic, multicolored background contrasts with the structured form of the chair, highlighting the tension between individual identity and collective perception. This vibrant backdrop reflects the myriad perspectives and voices that contribute to societal judgment.

Through this painting, the artist invites viewers to reflect on their own experiences of being judged and to consider their role in judging others. "JUDGMENTAL CHAIR" challenges the viewer to confront the complexities of judgment and encourages a more compassionate understanding of the human experience.

Price includes:

  • Art

  • Frame

  • Certificate of Authenticity

Price includes delivery to Switzerland and excludes delivery within and outside Europe.

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