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(Two Aytas)

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

50 x 60 cm


1250 CHF


In "TWO AYTAS," the artist presents a tender and heartfelt depiction of two individuals from the Aytas community, capturing both their spirit and the lush environment they inhabit. The painting radiates warmth through its rich, earthy tones and the genuine expressions of the subjects, reflecting the innate kindness and simplicity often attributed to the Aytas people of the Philippines.

The composition is anchored by the vibrant greenery that envelops the two figures, suggesting a profound connection to nature and their surroundings. The elder figure, draped in a blue dress, gazes forward with a calm, knowing expression, embodying wisdom and resilience. The blue dress is a significant element, symbolizing her acceptance of science and the outside world, bridging the traditional with the modern. Beside her, a younger companion beams with an infectious smile, their eyes wide with curiosity and innocence. This juxtaposition of age highlights the continuity of culture and the nurturing bond within the community.

The background, with its meandering path and open landscape, symbolizes the journey of life and the promise of new horizons, hinting at the aspirations and dreams that accompany the educational pursuits of the Aytas. Despite their simplicity, there is a depth to their existence, enriched by education and a strong sense of identity.

Through "TWO AYTAS," the artist invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of the Aytas' way of life, their harmonious relationship with nature, and the enduring values that bind them together. This painting serves as a poignant reminder of the richness of indigenous cultures and the universal themes of family, knowledge, and community, celebrating the integration of traditional wisdom with contemporary understanding.

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