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(Who are They?)

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

60 x 120 cm


2500 CHF


In "Who are They?", the artist delves into the complexity of identity and perception through a vivid and fantastical tableau. The painting is a lush, almost overwhelming riot of colors and forms, where the boundaries between the human and the botanical blur intriguingly. Faces with wide, multiple-irised eyes peer out from a dense, verdant jungle of leaves and flowers, their expressions a mix of wonder, curiosity, and introspection.

Each face is partially obscured or intertwined with nature: tongues extend like serpents, eyes emerge from petals, and flowers bloom from mouths, merging the human form with the natural world in a seamless, dreamlike symbiosis. The vibrant, diverse flora suggests a garden of the mind, each bloom a different facet of identity or perception.

The recurring motif of eyes—both human and floral—creates a sense of surveillance and interconnectedness, hinting at the idea that identity is both self-determined and externally influenced. This rich tapestry invites viewers to contemplate the multiplicity of selves and the fluid nature of identity, asking the provocative question: "Who are they?"

Through "Who are They?", the artist masterfully captures the enigmatic interplay between the seen and unseen, the self and the other, encouraging a deeper reflection on the essence of individuality in a world teeming with diversity and interconnectedness.

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