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Judgmental Chair, Chair ART , ARTISTARLO, Basel-based artist, ARLO JAKE LAGMAY


The collection explores the two sides of an idea, there being always two extremes. 

Good and Bad. Black and White. Sense and Nonsense.Chaos and Order.

The juxtaposition of contradicting elements, such as horizontal and vertical lines, dark and bright colours, and feminine and masculine allowed the artist to depict the clearest form of chaos and order cross-hatching with each other creating the reality of what everyone calls Life.

This collection is part of the curated duo exhibition entitled AUDACIOUS.

Vernissage: 30 March 2023

Exhibition Date: 30 March 2023- 29 April 2023

Location: ELEVEN TEN STUDIO (Artist-run Gallery), Feldbergstrasse 86 Basel, Switzerland

This collection is officially accepted to be exhibited at the upcoming XIV Florence Biennale 20203.
You can refer to the PDF below for the confirmation email from the Curatorial Board of the Biennale.

If you would like to support me on this journey, you are invited to take part on the crowd funding I launched in  GOFUNDME.COM by simply clicking the link below:

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